Distribution of packaging 
(CPET, APET, PP, Carton/PET)


Standard or tailor made equipments
(denester, conveyor, filling systems ...


Large machinery
distribution ratesfor the food industry

23-07-2018 - 00:26

Company description

The company does exist since 1995 and suits about 3 different activities

1.) CB Emballage

is specialised in distribution of packaging for the food industry.

We propose a very large diversity of packagings.

The suppliers we did choose give us the possibility to answer your enquiries and needs within a very short timing (flexibility) on a range of packaging meanly in stock.

Ask us when you need to create a new packaging (form, material...).

We are able to propose in very short timing creative and competitive solutions.

Please visit our site so that you can discover the packagings we are able to propose as standard range of trays.


2.) CB Equipments

We manufacture equipment which is tailor made to your needs, also meeting your technical constraints in rapid time and at competitively attractive prices.

CB Equipments are meanly mainly for food applications.

Our essential target is that the equipments deliver the following benefits:

  • Very quick product change over

  • Easy part dismantling

  • Easy cleaning

  • Equipments which gives you the advantage of increasing your production and the adaptation to meet the develoment of future products

CB Equipments are competent to propose full or part of line solutions which if required could be integrated to each of your existing lines.

The technical solutions are as follows:

  • Denesting of each type of packaging container

  • Conveying

  • Filling

  • Capping

  • Ultra sonic slicing

Our equipments can also be integrated to each of the following types of existing lines:

  • Doypack: Thimonnier, Toyo....

  • Flow pack: Ulma, Shur...

  • Linear Tray sealer: Mondini, Multivac Trepko, Mecapack, Ulma, Sealpac, Ishida, Novapac....

  • Rotary tray sealer: Waldner, Lieder, Grunwald, Ilpra, MLB, Atia,..

  • Thermoformer: Multivac, Tiromat, Mecapac, Arcil, Bosch, Novapac,....


3.) CB Engineering

Buying, and selling of second hand packaging equipments (filling stations, tray sealer, ...)

Second hand equipments rebuilding

Several equipments en stock (Thimonier, Lieder, Hamba, CB Equipments, Bilwinco, Hittpac, Shur...